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We are a trading company. We serve our clients in the design, construction and modernization of machines and equipment, as well as supply components for the maintenance of traffic in production plants, machinery manufacturers and electrical installation companies. We have a very wide assortment of industrial automation, network automatics, pneumatics, hydraulics and electrics with accessories, so we are ready to supply. The mission of our company is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality, which is guaranteed by manufacturers belonging to the leading companies of this type in the world.

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Since the beginning of our activity we have been a trading partner in the sales and delivery of automation, pneumatics, hydraulics, electric and metallurgical components for companies from the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our partners offer a wide range of technical and commercial experience, acquired over many years and supported by the manufacturers of the products offered.



With a view to increasing the competitiveness of your business, we have taken action to help with the service, design and construction of machinery. The task set for our team is to build a brand that will showcase our customers' growth by achieving higher production efficiency.

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The use of PRO AUTOMATIC services is pleasant and convenient. In our shop proautomatic.sklep.pl you will find the parameters of the devices you are interested in. We are constantly expanding our product range and complementing the shop with more manufacturers. www.proautomatic.sklep.pl is a good price, a large selection of products and short lead times. Welcome to product inquiries.


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We are currently looking for creative and ready-to-serve sales representatives, servants of machines and equipment and IT professionals. Work from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. The system of professional internal training for employees.

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